Denomination of origin

IGP. Vinos de La Tierra de Castilla

Tasting note

The nose is dominated by red fruit, strawberry and cherry, complemented by spicy and balsamic touches and a hint of black fruit from the Cabernet Sauvignon. In the mouth it is a wine with a certain depth, easy to drink, tasty, fruity and enjoyable.


Year of fundation:: 2006
Wineyards:: 330 hectares of own vineyards: 300 hectares are located at Finca La Dehesa in Alhambra and 30 at Finca Sierra de La Solana in Herencia
Altitude:: 700 m
Average production:: 2.000 kg/ha
Average annual production:: 500.000 bottles
Age of the vineyard:: An average of 50 years
Average rainfall:: 300 l/square metre per year
Ageing:: Mano a Mano has a stock of 1,200 barrels, 10% of which are American oak barrels and 90% are French oak